The winning formula at Admiral Slots

The StaffGuard Conflict Management system is installed in over 200 Admiral Slots gaming venues across England and Scotland.

Part the Novomatic Group, which is one of the worlds largest gaming brands, Admiral slots offers its customers a safe and secure venue backed up by the assurance that StaffGuard’s highly experienced and trained staff are only a push button away should they be required. With crystal clear audio and real time video the StaffGuard team manage any issues that the staff bring to their attention in a tried, tested professional manner.

The Bingo Club of the Future

StaffGuard is pivotal to the success of the designs and installation at Majestic Bingo’s Mansfield flagship bingo club.

Providing staff protection and assurance via two way crystal clear audio and real time video it also integrates with the total security and player validation system installed at the site. The system which uses advanced video and retail analytics along with Link Integrated’s Veriguard Player Verification System enables the club to monitor retail trends via heat mapping and EPOS integration along with player validation i.e. self exclusion, barred customers and age verification all in real time with 3rd party intervention via the new StaffGuard vIP product.

Are your employees scared to go to work?

Are they facing an increasingly violent and abusive general public? Do you worry for their safety? Do you have a duty of care in place for them?

In an increasingly violent workplace shop workers are subjected to more and more abuse and attacks on them.

2018 saw an increase of 40% more reported attacks on shop staff and there has been a 26% increase in shoplifting since 2102.

You can address these issues and redress the balance by installing a StaffGuard Conflict Management System which offers real time conflict intervention via CCTV and Two Way Audio.

With over 14,000 units installed acrosss the UK and ROI the product can demonstrate proven results.

To take a look at the product and get a free trial take at or contact me directly.

Praesepe PLC

StaffGuard are proud to announce that we have recently completed a rollout of the StaffGuard Conflict Management System to the Praesepe plc estate nationwide.

Praesepe plc brands include Merkur Slots and Merkur Cashino. With over 160 sites nationwide they are one of the leading Adult Gaming Centre operators in the UK. Jim Leitch, Managing Director, Link Integrated says “We are proud to be associated with such a well known and respected business and feel honoured that they selected StaffGuard to provide assurance to their teams across the UK.”