Protecting staff in over 14,000 sites nationwide

The cutting edge StaffGuard™ Conflict Management System is protecting staff in over 14,000 sites nationwide. These belong to many of the UK’s leading retailers, licenced betting shop operators and other high street outlets.

A system that pays for iteself

Saves up to 20% off Employers Liability insurance

Fastest response times in the industry

Our fully trained operators answer your call within 6.6 seconds

Ease of use for staff

Single click operation and standby modes make staff safety simple and reliable

100% false alarm free

StaffGuard is false alarm proof meaning no more wasted callouts

Complete coverage

Free intruder and fire alarm monitoring

Year round support

We operate 24/7/365. All day all year without exception. So you’re always covered

Support 24/7 365 days a year

The system is supported by our fully accredited conflict management centre and SIA licenced team of expert conflict management operators. We provide support 24/7/365 to quickly de-escalate any conflict situations, threats to staff and loneworker issues, via our real time high definition video and crystal-clear audio link.

StaffGuard™ is the only solution you need to protect your staff and lone workers against violent and abusive customers, criminal gangs and aggressive shoplifters.

How StaffGuardTM works to protect your staff

The StaffGuard™ controller is mounted on a wall at the back of the sales area and then connected and programmed into your IT or telephone network. Very quick and simple to install and easy to operate.

Each member of your staff will be fully trained and given a remote fob or wristband that incorporates the StaffGuard™ alert button.

If a staff member feels vulnerable to attack, ill or simply threatened in any way, they can press the alert button and activate the StaffGuard™ Controller. This will then contact our Conflict Management Centre (CMC) and show that connection is being made by the flashing blue LED.

Once connection is made and our CMC operators are listening a static bright red LED will show to indicate this. If your system also has CCTV built in, pressing the alert button will also activate a video stream to enable our CMC operator to see exactly what’s happening in real time via high definition cameras.

After quickly assessing the situation, the CMC operator will respond with, “Security, which service do you require?”

At this point, most troublemakers will leave the building which defuses the situation and enables your member of staff to end the call to our CMC. If the situation persists we immediately notify the relevant emergency service who will respond accordingly.

Proud of our proven track record of success.

Our highly trained personnel have many years of experience that enables us to deliver proven and quantifiable results.

Our team have resolved thousands of conflict management situations, accidents and sickness incidents over many years. They have intervened numerous times to ensure that the safety of staff is maximised and that they are fully protected every day of the year.

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