A range of solutions to meet a variety of needs

The StaffGuard™ Conflict Management System is constantly being developed and offers a number of options designed for different market sectors.

StaffGuard™ Analogue/Plus

The original StaffGuard™ analogue unit connects to
any PSTN line and signals via the PSTN line to our
Conflict Management Centre.

Product features:

  • Attractive slimline white impact resistant enclosure
  • 4 inputs (fob, intruder/fire alarm, man down)
  • 1 output (CCTV integration)
  • 1 programmable remote switching output
    (security fog, forensic waters)
  • Multiple programmable fobs/wristbands
  • Bi-directional audio path
  • High volume integrated speaker
  • High sensitivity boundary microphone
  • Optional CCTV integration interface
StaffGuard™ IP Gateway

To convert the original StaffGuard™ analogue unit to IP, we have developed a high quality IP Gateway that simply converts the analogue signal from PSTN to a digital SIP profile. This enables an affordable connection onto your IP network with an immediate return on investment.

Product features:

  • Easy to use 1 port analogue telephone adapter
  • Advanced VOIP functionality
  • Supports 1 SIP profile through a single FXS port and a single 10/100Mbps port
  • TLS and SRTP security encryption
  • Supports a wide range of caller ID formats
StaffGuard™ vIP

StaffGuard™ vIP™ is the latest product to join the StaffGuard™
range and offers full network connectivity and full on-board
digital signal processing. The unit uses cutting edge technology
and standards for communication.

Product features:

  • Attractive updated design – white
    slimline impact resistant enclosure
  • Multi -status LED indication showing:
    • Network connection status.
    • Alarm/data activation status
    • Audio verification/listen in mode active
    • GSM live and logging status
    • Remote trigger activation status
    • Power connection status
  • 8 digital inputs (fob, intruder/fire alarm,
    man down)
  • 1 dedicated open collector output
  • 2 programmable remote switching
    outputs (security fog, forensic markers,
    door controls etc.)
  • Front and rear tamper facility
  • Multiple programmable
  • Bi-directional audio path
  • Adjustable high volume integrated
  • Adjustable high sensitivity boundary microphone
  • Remote configuration tool
  • Remote SNMP monitoring facility
  • Optional CCTV integration interface
    and built in camera

Smart Building Connectivity

StaffGuard™ vIP has full ZigBee connectivity
enabling full control of your smart building
via our ZigBee Smart Hub. This allows us to
integrate ZigBee fully connected remote
fobs, lighting controls, energy controls,
environmental monitoring and other smart
controls that meet the ZigBee standard.

StaffGuard™ Mobile
Active Portable Conflict Management

To extend our StaffGuard™ Conflict Management service to remote users, we have introduced the StaffGuard™ Mobile GPS tracking unit. This is a fully integrated device that sits on our Conflict Management Centre alarm receiving platform and enables you to communicate directly with our Conflict Management team of skilled operators.

Product features:

  • Dimensions: 77 x 47 x 20 (mm)
  • Weight: 76g
  • 2G/3G/4G connectivity
  • IP 65 rated
  • 180 hours standby mode
  • 20 hours normal mode
  • Internal microphone
  • Internal speaker
  • Power, network and GPS
    status indicators
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • 2.5-meter location accuracy
  • Accessories:
    • Battery
    • USB charging cable
    • Lanyard
    • Travel adaptor
    • Optional accessories
    • include magnetic
    • charging unit, spare battery
StaffGuard™ Man Down Watchdog

The StaffGuard™ Watchdog is a detector that sets off an alert when no movement is detected within a designated area. Once no movement has been detected for a pre-set amount of time, it initiates an alarm within the StaffGuard™ unit. This is an excellent addition to both StaffGuard™ models. It gives your staff reassurance that if they are attacked or fall ill within your site, then the StaffGuard™ CMC team will be alerted and will respond automatically raising the alarm if required.

StaffGuard Accessories

Boost your security and keep staff safe with these innovative additions

Extension RF Speaker Microphone

The StaffGuard™ Extension RF Speaker Microphone is an extension to the StaffGuard™ and StaffGuard™ vIP models controllers. It offers an extension to the range of the remote fobs and wristbands, and delivers crystal-clear two-way audio.

Extension Speaker Microphone

The Extension Speaker Microphone is an extension to the StaffGuard™ and StaffGuard™ vIP controllers. It offers an extension to the two-way audio facility, and allows StaffGuard™ and StaffGuard™ vIP to deliver crystal-clear two-way audio into other areas of the building.

Extension Speaker

The Extension Speaker enables the StaffGuard™ and StaffGuard™ vIP to deliver local extensions to the sound delivery.

Radio Frequency Extender

The radio frequency extender enables radio cold spots to be identified and covered with the addition of the radio frequency extender. This ensures that the remote key fobs and wristbands have full radio coverage throughout larger sites or those where there may be frequency clashes.

Extension Microphone

The extension microphone enables StaffGuard™ and StaffGuard™ vIP to listen in to sensitive areas where the delivery of audio may not be a valid option i.e. saferooms etc.

8 Channel Speaker Multiplexer

Our 8 Channel Speaker Multiplexer enables the remote connection of up to 8 additional extenders to both StaffGuard™ models to ensure that radio frequency range or two-way audio is never a problem.

PA System Interface

Our PA Interface enables us to connect the StaffGuard™ and StaffGuard™ vIP models to your existing on-site public address amplifier or music system. This ensures that audio can be provided right across your site. When the StaffGuard™ alarm is set off, your PA sound is cut to enable our CMC operator to listen in. Our security announcement will then be made through your sitewide PA system.

Behavioural Analysis Camera

Utilising an advanced deep learning stereo imaging algorithm adapted by Link Integrated we are able to analyse targets behaviour and detect such activity as people falling over/man down events and loitering. By utilising this technology the detection rate is extremely high which in turn minimises false alarms.

Audio Aggression Detector

Utilising a microphonic detector with advanced audio analytics StaffGuard™ and StaffGuard™ vIP are able to detect an increase in verbal aggression which normally precedes a physical attack enabling the system to alert our remote Conflict Management Operators who in turn will manage and decelerate the situation.

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